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Schaeffler is digitizing the purchasing processes for indirect materials worldwide through the introduction of Coupa

Coupa is a business-to-business (B2B) cloud-based business revenue platform that delivers measurable value through real-time spend visibility, control, compliance and agility. Schaeffler will map all procurement sourcing activities and purchase orders via Coupa in the future.

Schaeffler will consistently focus on digitalized communication in its communication with partners in the future – Join our network!

The source-to-contract process went live in December 2020. Since then, our suppliers are invited to participate in RFQs by logging into the platform. Contract negotiations with the selected supplier are also done via Coupa.

The ordering processes and catalog management will be migrated step by step. Schaeffler will go live in the first regions from April 2021. Afterwards, the areas of catalog management, punchouts, and orders will be available in the Coupa Supplier Portal or fully electronically.

Sign up for Coupa now. The use of Coupa is free of charge for you as a supplier.


Training Video: How to register and use the Coupa Supplier Portal

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Successfully participate in NPM sourcings with Coupa

You will receive invitations to RFQs by e-mail from "". The e-mail contains a link to Coupa and grants you access to the current RFQ. Once you are the selected supplier, contract negotiations also take place via Coupa.

Our training material explains the login process and how to participate in the RFQ in the system.

Training material

Coupa | Supplier Guide – Sourcing & Contracting

Coupa | Supplier Guide – eAuction

Schaeffler Coupa: sourcing

Creating and updating your company profile

To be added as a supplier of non-production material at Schaeffler, you need to be registered at Coupa. If you are not yet registered, we will invite you to register by e-mail.

With Coupa and the integrated Supplier Information Management forms (SIM) you can easily maintain your company profile at any time, as well as important information like your company name, address, contact persons and your certificates.

The forms are available in English. If you need a translation, you can find it under Training material & Translation list.

Training material & Translation list

Coupa | Supplier Guide – Supplier Information Management (SIM)

Coupa | Translation matrix for SIM forms

Schaeffler Coupa: Creating and updating your company profile

Efficient exchange of purchase orders via digital channels at Coupa

Learn how to receive purchase orders via the Schaeffler NPM platform and what benefits Coupa's digital solutions provides you.

Our training material explains the login process and the possibilities of exchanging orders via direct connection (cXML), portal (Coupa Supplier Portal) and e-mail based on Supplier Actionable Notification (SAN). In addition, we provide a questionnaire that you can use to tell us about your technical capabilities and parameters.

Training material & questionnaire

Coupa | Supplier Guide – Receive and View Purchase Orders

Coupa | Supplier Guide – cXML connection setup

Coupa | Supplier Enablement – Questionnaire

Schaeffler Coupa: purchase orders

Deliver products and services digitally with Coupa catalogs and punchouts

Make your products and services available digitally to make it as easy as possible for our employees to find your items.

Our training material informs you about the login process and the possibilities to upload catalogs. Furthermore, the connection of Punchouts to Coupa is explained. In addition, we provide a questionnaire with which you can inform us about your technical possibilities and parameters.

Training material & questionnaire

Coupa | Supplier Guide – Punchout setup

Coupa | Supplier Guide – Managing Catalogs

Coupa | Supplier Enablement – Questionnaire

Coupa | Catalog Field Description and Examples

Schaeffler Coupa: Katalogmanagement


Please contact your first contact person in Schaeffler Purchasing or use the other options on the Coupa Success Portal.

Coupa Success Portal | For suppliers

Coupa Success Portal | Contact us

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